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The smart home is no longer a luxury but these are now a necessity of life. AI and Smart Homes of the future will definitely change the lifestyle of people. This type of automated home is powered by IoT and AI. Smart Homes are the solutions to everyday tasks. In this article, we will concentrate on the concept of smart homes and Artificial Intelligence.

What is a Smart Home?

Now the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are part of our homes. IoT play vital role in almost all home appliancs.. Refrigerator, oven, door bell, lights, geysers use IoT. How this system works? Take an example that you are in market and suddenly remmber that you forgot to switch OFF oven. What will you do. Smartphone with internet is a solution to this problem. It can control the appliance where IoT is available. Similarly, if you returning to home on a hot sunny day, you want the room cool. You can do it with your phone if the airconditioner is had the facility of IoT. This is what we call a Smart Home.

Smart Home, also known as digital home is now moving to the next level. Artificial Intelligence or Machine learning finds its place in home appliances. Devices learn the behavior of users and give commands to IoT when required. In other words, we can say AI has self-learning skills.

Applications of Smart Home technology

Iot is growing so fast that there are aroune 31 billion Iot devices in 2020 and may rise to 50 billion in 2025. As we discussed above that AI is moving to next level, the things which looked impractical are now a reality.

How do you feel if you have headache and in next few moments you receive a parcel of medicine which you never ordered. You will feel good. How can it happen? Sensorswith AI or ML present in room studied your health status and ordered the medicine. Great!

Earlier pet dogs never bark on regular visiting guests . Now door camera can recognise your regular visiting guests and make alert if stranger is there at door. Air-conditioner understands your favourite temperature settings and Light fixture understands the favourite lux quantity.

The complete daily routine is manageable without any manual activity. The alarm clock will select time and ring keeping in view your daily appointments diary. Geyser TURN ON before going to take bath. You find your coffee ready when you sit at the breakfast table. The door gets auto-locked when you leave your house.

The application of AI and smart homes of the future is a boon for elderly and senior citizens. The life of elderly persons and their caretaking becomes easier when things are self-done.

What is the future of smart homes?

Future of smart homes is very bright. Its contribution to society is admirable. Some of the key points are summarised below-

  1. Smart homes with machine learning devices are very helpful for ailing persons at home. The wearable devices can take the data of patients like blood pressure, sugar level, temperature, etc. The doctors can fetch the data online and visit virtually and give their advice. More on-
  2. Elderly persons can stay at the smart homes and even high-risk diseases cured without visiting the hospital.
  3. Safety and Security of residents ensured with more confidence.
  4. Theft at homes will come down.

FAQsAI and smart homes of Future

  • What will houses look like in 2050?
  • Homes in 2050 will be a combination of luxury home flexible suited to the owner, like a small dispensary, like small secured with electronic bodyguards, like conserved energy store, kitchen in automation.
  • Why must a truly smart home have a bot?
  • This will keep the visitor entertained till he is addressed.
  • How AI can be used to build a smart city?
  • Smart city is build with AI in homes, AI in parks, AI in hospitals, AI at traffic signals etc.
  • Is Siri an AI?
  • Yes, Siri i an AI in homes.
  • What are the AI devices for the smart home?
  • Smart Homes makes use of AI, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as connected sensors, lights, and meters to collect and analyze data.
  • How can you utilize AI in making a smart home?
  • Door cameras with AI, Lights with AI, kitchen with AI, Fridge with AI can make a home smart.

Challenges of AI and Smart Homes of Future

Though AI and Smart homes of the future is a boon for all, it faces certain challenges and there are certain limitations to it. But the first and foremost thing is that the device should be user friendly and easy to operate.

Second problem is the cost. The devices are expensive and many persons cannot afford the price.

Leakage of private or personal data is a very crtical issue.Privacy maintenance issue should resolved before this technology is launched on a mass scale.


AI and Smart homes of Future shall bring a revolutionary change and push living lifestyles of human being to next comfort level. Sick persons and elderly people will feel more secured and will be tension free. This shall also be fruitful in coast and time saving . Virtual visits of doctors shall solve critical issues related to healt issues of serious patients.

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