Artificial Intelligence in Power System

Before we discuss the application of Artificial Intelligence in Power system, let us understand what is Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a software application that can behave, analyze data and take action like a human being. AI is now being widely used in many scientific fields to improve its effective use. Medical fields, the Health sector, Research Institutes are common examples of this.

The power sector is also using AI to improve its efficiency. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence now find important applications in the energy sector.

The energy sector is facing many challenges in terms of high demands, rise in demand, and supply patterns. The increasing use of renewable sources is another factor affecting the power sector.

Smart Power Sector

Undoubtedly AI in the power sector has a bright future. Machine Learning or ML acts as a communication bridge between power utilities and their consumers. Smart Power System has high efficiency and its application can solve many ongoing problems. For instance, Fault prediction, Drone survey, and maintenance, optimum energy utilization, prevention of power pilferage and losses are the common applications. These applications make the Power Sector smart enough to reduce the breakdown and increase efficiency.

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.Application of Artificial Intelligence in Power System

Fault Prediction

Fault in the power system can be minimized but nobody can bring it to zero. Prediction of fault is the most important application of Artificial Intelligence in the Power system. To have ideal maintenance time and to have real-time monitoring during maintenance hours, ML or deep learning, or we can say AI is the appropriate tool. Many countries are using AI/ML in power system maintenance activities. Such practice improves the efficiency of the maintenance procedure. Japan is one of the leading countries in this practice.

Drone Survey and Maintenance

Deep Learning enabled drone survey is a tested and successful technique used nowadays in Powerline maintenance works. Drone surveys can be used in plain as well as hilly terrain where the human approach is difficult. The sensors and camera with AI collect the data related to critical problems and comes with a required solution.

Optimum Energy Utilization

Artificial Intelligence and ML provide a helping hand in optimum utilization of power and energy. Smart devices fitted in the power system can analyze the exact requirement of energy and switch ON or OFF the system as per demand.

Prevention of Power Pilferage & Losses

AI in the power system can detect the pilferage location in the power system. And due to this, the system can easily take corrective action. Also, losses due to unpaid bills or else are rectified by the use of Deep Learning.

The application of Artificial Intelligence in the power system is a turning point in the energy sector where not only the cost of production but breakdown time is reduced as well. Artificial Intelligence can pass on alert, and thus the system is safeguarded before actual breakdown occurs. The lesser the Breakdown time, the more is the production of energy. That is why we say- POWER SAVED IS POWER PRODUCED.

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