Energy and Artificial Intelligence


Energy and Artificial Intelligence are the two hot topics on everyone’s lips in 2021. Judicious utilization of the energy sector and Hitech AI is can change the growth rate of any country. That is why AI is as equally important as energy. This will help to overcome many challenges that a country faces like climatic conditions, energy industry agriculture industry, etc.

Before we describe the scope of AI in the energy sector, let us first understand the meaning of AI.

What AI means exactly?

AI is mainly responsible for decision making. It works on its past experience, i.e on the basis of information collected in the past. It analyses the pool of information and acts with respect to focused goals.

Artificial Intelligence and Energy

Any country which intends to develop its energy resources, need to focus on AI as well. The more is the effective AI, the higher is the energy saving. In other words, we can say that AI leads to judicious energy utilization. ML has great potential to give the best design of energy systems. The areas of its application include namely,-

Energy Trading,

Smart Grids,

Sector coupled with Heat and Energy,

Digital energy sector,

Maintenance Works ,etc

Smart Grid Station

The power grid sector is becoming significantly complex day by day. The consumer is growing at a faster rate. Because of increasing networking of consumers and generators, there is decentralisation of the system. Digitisation of the grid is on the move. There is a flood and overflow of the datas.

With this in mind, scientists introduced AI and ML in powergrid to make it smart. Artificial Intelligence or we can say Machine learning in particular can analyse and control the data of consumers. Further , it react and provide feedback to the system.

Electric Transport

In the light of increasing electric vehicles, the no. of charging stations are also on increase. This has resulted in both opportunities as well a challenges. If an e-car plying on road experiences fuel shortage, the nearest charging station and its status availabilty is coordinated using Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

AI and Electric Trading

Forecasting is a powerful tool in electric trading an AI is very much useful in improving the forecasts in electric trading. ML and neural networks utilize historical data, environmental data, weather data etc to forecast the stability and security of powergrid. This also enables engineers to plan for renewable resources and keep them ready as a standby. Artificial Intelligence keep a govern over control reserves.

AI in Virtual Power Plant

There are so many power plants generating and transmitting power to the Main Power Grid. A large no. of data is processed and thus making it a complex system. Here, AI plays a vital role to manage the data hub and respond accordingly.

Machine Learning algorithm helps to co-relate the data and interpret which plants are following the norms and which plants are deviating from the norms. There are many examples where Grid failed due to the reason that some plants consumed more power than allocated. This is the area where ML plays the leading role to keep all the plants balanced.

AI in Power Consumption System

AI is now being extensively used in power consumption system. Smart meters and smart home solutions are widely in use to monitor and control the consumption of electrical power. All the data can even be monitored on remote also. Consumers can monitor daily consumption Unit wise as well as Amount wise.

Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy a cleaner and safer source of energy than conventional sources. Wind and Solar power energy is the most popular one. Renewable grid and existing grid is integrated to evolve renewable energy. At the present time, renewable energy is facing many challenges. Here, AI is useful to improve the condition of this form of energy. This technology with highly autocontrol system can switch off Industrial load when power supply is low. Machine learning can predict not only weather condition but demand load as well so that efficiency of renewable source is high.

AI involved is competant to check the heayh condition whether any alteration or hacking is done to misuse it. This ensures safety and reliability to the system.

The Intelligent system has valueadded the renewable energy source and created a new market of consumers as well as new service models.. Apart from Offices, Malls, factories, Indian Railway is a good example of this.

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Challenges before AI in Energy Sector

The biggest limitation of AI in the energy sector is data protection and data security. The data in the public portal have the fear of cyberattack.

In 2015, Ukraine suffered a cyber attack. The hackers controlled substaions leaving the country in darkness for six hours. This is a very painful challenge before AI in energy sector.

Another limitation is the power consumption by AI or ML itself. A large no. of sensors and Intelligent devices are use in the grid. These devices themselves consume a significant units of energy as they are operational round the clock.


Energy and Artificial Intelligence is the burning issue all govt. should address in 2021. It can change the face of the economy of any country. AI is revolutionizing the renewables industry

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