What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence?


What are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. In simpler words, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simulation of intelligence in machines . The machines are programmed to think, behave and act like human beings. It induces the learning ability in computers and make them able to work smartly on their own without encoding with commands.

what are the benefits of artificial intelligence

Sir John McCarthy was the first man to coin the term Artificial Intelligence in 1955. Since then ,after many long jumps AI reached this new era where AI is on our priority list.

In other words, AI or Machine Learning is a computer system capable of solving complex problems beyond the capacity of human brain. AI can harness the machine power and solve complex problems in a logical manner with better results even faster human brain.

Today, AI has many applications in our daily life. Some common applications include Natural language processing, speech recognition, Expert systems, Neural networks, decision making , recommendation system, etc.

How Artificial Intelligence Works

AI follows the programs and pre-defined algorithms. The subset of Artificial Intelligence i.e, Machine Learning and Deep learning have a vital role in this.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning or ML is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Its algorithms help computer systems to train on data inputs and use statistical analysis. Machine learn from past inputs and predict the outcome. It means the machine predicts the future from past experience. The most common fields where ML finds its application are medical diagnosis, image processing,prediction,classification,learning association, regression etc. For this reason, commerce and business often use ML to find solutions to complex problems.

In large production sector, a large no. of data inputs like temperature, pressure, humidity, timings are available. On the basis of these inputs, the machine takes a decision for output. Here ML helps to analyse the inputs using deep learning neural networks in the most accurate way and decide the best possible solution to get the maximum output.

Now Let us understand the Artificial Intelligence in-depth to clarify what are the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

AI in general and ML, in particular, have numerous advantages in different fields of human life. Machine learning is transforming every walk of life. Its applications in finance, national security, health care, criminal justice, transportation, and smart cities, and address issues such as data access problems, algorithmic bias, AI ethics and transparency, and legal liability for ML decisions. In contrast, some scholars have also different views regarding disadvantages of Machine Learning and its adverse effect on humanity and society.

AI and ML Enhance Automation in business sector

  1. There are many works in production plants are repeated regularly. In order to reduce this AI is useful .Human brain can be used to work other creative works. Robots allow machine learning to carryout repeatitive assignments.
  2. There are many instaces where more AI can provide more precise prediction than human brains.
  3. Human errors are certainly reduced without any doubt.
  4. AI helps to predict best possible time to carryout maintenance works to increase the efficiency and performance of the shift cycle.
  5. Last but not the least , AI increases the productivity of the plant.

AI in Weather Forecasting

Weather forecasting is a very complex computation. Scientists spend a lot of energy and their valuable time in computation for weather prediction. Not to mention that now AI is being extensively used in weather forecasting technology -“Climate Informatics “. Undoubtedly deep Learning provides most accurate result and saves the computation time of our scientists.

AI in Disaster Response Management

Different countries in USA and even India often witness major disaster. In this situation Govt. want a technique to respond rapidly and effectively. Here AI coupled with deep learning has supported the Govt. in fast responding and managing the disaster.

In India two such disaster took place in Uttaranchal state where sudden flood took the lives of several people. Now in order to avoid such disaster and to have better management Artificial Intelligent system is implemented.

This will forecast the weather conditions well in advance. Also, AI can trace the locations of tourists with their counts in any emergency situation easily. Thus we can say that the benefits of AI are a boon to humanity.

ML -An alternate to human where life is in threat

Above all the advantages, Artificial Intelligence to act as an alternative to humans is the highest benefit. AI and ML coupled Robots and drones are purely manless. These are put in force where presence of life could be dangerous. Similarly, Army during the war at the border may use AI-assisted drones and weapons to shoot the enemies. This will certainly save the precious life of soldiers.

Dones with deep learning system is often in use to fight against fire and save the human beings. In covid times, vaccines and medicines distribution to remotely located patients in a very lesser time are good examples of its advantages.

AI in Medical Field

The health problems in recent days are in an alarming situation globally due to so many national and international issues. To overcome such issues, the applications of AI in the medical field are creating their own place. Doctors and scientists are looking ahead to innovations using AI which can help them in taking care of their patients in a better way. Artificial Intelligence is likely to change absolutely the lifestyle of a human being in 2021. The most important benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the medical field are-

Ailment Diagnosis

Pesonalized Treatment

Innovation and Research

Robotic Surgery

Smart Health Record

Clinical Trial and Research

Improved Radiotherapy

Pandemic Outbreak Alert

Antibacterial Super Resistance

AI in Agricultural Sector

Improvement in Agricultural yields another key point advantage of Machine learning. From the late 20s, the application of mechanical innovation has come into the boom. Farmers started using tractors, threshers on large scale. Thereafter use of sensors and actuators came into the picture. In broad terms, we can say that use of IoT with sensors, actuators, drones, robots in agriculture is nothing but Smart Farming.

Farmers can monitor their crops and cattle with drones. Data collection and risk reduction by optimum utilization of resources can increase the yield many folds.

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AI to Increase Job Opportunities

Though some scholar think that Artificial Intelligence shall eliminate job opportunities as well as humanity, on the other hand AI has created new job openings. The business with AI has brought up many young engineers with bright careers. A large no. of openings also remain vacant for the supporting staff.

Not to mention that this sector is widely accepted worldwide and our new generation see a bright future in this field.

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