AI Projects for Beginners

ai prpjects for beginners

Students studying in the final year engineering program gain good theoretical knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, but it turns out useless without practical experience. For project work in the final semester and better career opportunities, students look for easy and exciting projects. In this article, the author attempts to elaborate on some excellent and amazing ideas on AI projects for beginners.

Importance of Project Work

Let us first understand the importance of Project work and why you need it. After completing the undergraduate Engineering program when you go for an interview or get a job, how will you present your talent and understanding on the subject? One feels to gain complete knowledge and master the concept when he is successfully completing the project. After completing the project you will explain the topic in full confidence.

1. Movie Recommendation

Everybody likes watching movies. But the categories of these movies depend upon one’s interest. So when we stream or watch movies, their history makes a way out for the next movie in search. This project is very interesting for beginners. The only prerequisite is that the student shall have basic knowledge of Python or R language. They can take the help of Movielens Dataset for the data they require during coding.

On a similar pattern, other projects of final year students are Hotel recommendations during travel or Book recommendations for exam preparation.

2. House Price Prediction

This project is very practical for the real estate business. People like to invest in housing projects and on another hand builders also need investment. All these parties owners, investors, agents face the same problem. Owners and builders try hard to fix the property prices in competitive age whereas people are confused about where to invest. There are many factors affecting the pricing of the housing project. Area of the house, location of the society, amenities in the society, class of the city, market demand, Govt. policies are the influencing factors in the price.

Attempt this project easily by Regression Approach Method using multiple predictor variables and single target variable as the output.

3. Handwriting Recognition

Handwriting Recognition is another exciting Artificial Intelligence or rather a Machine Learning Project for students. It is very rare that handwriting of any two-person match. Curves made in writing alphabets by any person do not match with the writing of another person. This is why a signature is a guaranteed authentication of an individual.

Students can use Neural Network to recognize the handwriting. One such famous network is Convolution Neural Network (CNN). CNN uses the HASYv2 datasheet having more than one lac picture for classification.

4. Chatbots

Not to mention that Chatbot creating is among the popular and best AI Projects for beginners nowadays. Many websites take the service of a chatbot for responding to their visitors and answering their queries. Students should have knowledge of Python language for creating Chatbots. Many trusted websites are available where interested persons may visit and refer for this project work.

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5. Route Finding

In a country like India, OLA and UBER play a smart role in increasing their business. Let us see how. Cab owners focus on the shortest route, traffic congestion, routes with more public or clients. Machine learning and deep learning help in estimating price estimates of each route and waiting time. Once the cab owner gets the idea of all these inputs, he can judge and decide which route to follow. Let me add here undoubtedly that Google certainly is the major player. Google Map altogether predicts congestion, short routes, etc., and makes the experience of cab transport better.

6. Activity Recognition Using Smartphone

Nowadays many smartphones have an inbuilt app for tracking your health status of keeping a record of your daily routine activities which you register. For example, you can keep a record of the duration of your daily physical exercise or running time, etc. Likewise, you can keep a record of your pulse rates during these activities. The program will count it and rate it as better or worse than previous day values.

Students shall use classification models to get the output. You can get the input using Machine Learning and dataset Fitness Activity.

7. Driverless Vehicle

Machine Learning Algorithm is the heart of this project. The driverless vehicle can ply successfully on the road when it is equipped with all required sensors and cameras together with an ML algorithm. Camera and sensors receive input data from the surrounding environment and are thereafter analyzed by the algorithm. The output of the algorithm help to take further action.

For Example, Tesla has come up with a driverless vehicle assisted by google. The input required for the algorithm is another vehicle from all sides, speed of other vehicles, Road conditions, brake conditions, etc.

8. Lane Detection for Driverless Vehicles

Lane detection for driverless vehicles is a unique project. Driverless cars need an automatic lane detection system. This is a Python project which the students can do using OpenCV. Students also like to use computer vision techniques such as color thresholding to detect the lanes.

9. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism means copying someone’s content and presenting it as your original content. This software can check the content and provide detailed results. It can display the copied lines with references such as websites from where it is copied. Also, it will present how much percentage of the matter is copied.

Firstly, you will require to open the software. Then upload the file which you intend to check for plagiarism. The software on run shall provide a percentage of plagiarised content, the website from where it is copied, grammatical errors, etc.

10. Breast Cancer Detection

Breast Cancer detection is among the important and interesting AI Projects for Beginners. Students can attempt this project using R programming. The project takes into consideration the thickness of the lump, bare nuclei, mitosis. On the basis of this, you can conclude whether the tumor is carcinogenic or not.

11. Attendance System Using Face Detection

Attendance system using Face detection is the demand of the hour. Though it was also in use before the covid19 crisis, it is now in use extensively. Earlier schools and large companies used this system to make attendance of students and employees at the entrance gate itself. Post-Covid, Machine Learning can recognize the faces of students in online classes or employees in meetings. No need to make a record of it manually.

The prerequisite of the project is a computer having an internet facility, a webcam, and pictoblox software. It converts images into data and matches it with the database. If it matches, attendance is “Present” otherwise “Absent”

12. Home Automation

Picto Blox AI has an extension that can recognize speech. Using this feature of Picto Blox, Students can make a Home Automation system. After making the project, you can give commands like switch On the fan or Turn Off the light, etc.

13. Learning to Drive

Students find fun in doing this project. Here the main idea of the project is to help new driving learners. The project supports taking instant decisions whenever an obstacle comes in the way of driving.

Students can make use of AI Neural networks with the extension of Reinforcement Learning. The same technique is useful for self-driving vehicles also. Driverless cars make use of AI with Reinforcement Learning to find a way out if it faces obstacles. But how do driverless cars detect the objects ahead? The vehicles take it guaranteed on the basis of images or videos of the object and on the basis of analysis by inbuilt software datasets like COCO, Oxford Pets.

14. Fake News Detector

The project “Fake News Detector” is now a favorite project for final year students. One of the main reasons may be that a large volume of fake news circulated in the society by social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. It is very harmful to society. And hence it is a very serious issue as it causes panic in society.

Students can take the help of deep learning and Natural Language processing to make the project.

15. Prediction of Loan

Often bankers call and ask for any loan requirement after confirming the loan eligibility. How do they know about someone’s eligibility? Isn’t it interesting? Students can attempt a project over this.

First, the programmer should have to know the job of the person for whom eligibility is in question. Apart from this, their annual income, age, his dependants should be known. Students may now apply algorithms such as Logistic Regression, decision tree, Random Forest for this exciting project.

Required Skills for the AI projects For Beginners

The Projects or project Ideas described above require some basic skills. The students attempting the projects should have basic knowledge of the following topics. Anyhow a final year engineering program students are competent enough to carry out the projects.

  • Basic Engineering
  • A programming language such as Python, R programming, C , C+, C++
  • Algorithms
  • Data skills
  • Mathematics and Statistics


To summarize, we can say that the list of ideas of the AI projects for Beginners does not end here. It’s the beginning. The more we do analytical thinking the more ideas we get. So keep on attempting for innovations.

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